Mac User Since ’92, Occasional Audiophile & Photographer, Lover of Good Design, INTJ.

Proudly calling Austin home since 1994.

A few things I’ve done…

  • Tossed pizzas
  • Assembled bicycles
  • Designed & implemented a seismic data library tracking system
  • Worked as a cashier at a gourmet grocery store
  • Taught myself HTML in 1995
  • Completed the Texas Creative program at UT Austin
  • Founded or Co-founded 4 businesses
  • Sold aftermarket Mazda Miata accessories online
  • Designed dozens of logos for clients
  • Designed & built dozens of websites for clients
  • Built numerous database-driven Flash games
  • Served as Sysadmin for numerous web, database, and app servers (Windows & Linux)
  • Served as 3rd tier support lead for hundreds of vjoon K4, Adobe InDesign & InCopy users
  • Received 3 “Customer Focus” awards from the K4, InDesign & InCopy users


What can I do for you?