Boot Camp's Hibernate and Switch Feature M.I.A.?

So…today, after the WWDC Keynote was over, I was poking around on Apple’s site to see what new bits they had on their site about Leopard.

I was excited (more excited than I was about anything discussed during the keynote itself) to see a paragraph on the Boot Camp page about a previously undisclosed feature regarding being able to hibernate the active OS and “restart into” the alternate OS instead of having to do a full restart, thus allowing for much faster switching back and forth between OS X and Windows.

Sadly, as I went to the page again tonight to grab the URL to show some fellow Mac users I was talking with in Second Life, I noticed they had removed that particular paragraph, leaving only three paragraphs and a big blank spot where this glorious new feature had been spotted only hours before.

Here’s hoping it returns, as I only use one Windows application (a crappy trouble ticket app) on my work machine and I only need to use it for about five minutes per day, so I typically am spending more time starting Windows in Parallels and waiting for it to quit so I can quit Parallels each day than I spend in the actual Windows application because I don’t want to quit all my open apps in OS X to fire up Boot Camp. This will make my life so much easier. Here’s praying that feature lives on and wasn’t actually yanked.